Chic RPU Tribell 24lb Set



Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or expanding your exercise equipment investment, this CHIC 24lb 3-piece set of RPU-covered tribells with included stand is bound to become a key player in your workouts…(more)


  • Premium, Ultra-Long Lasting Textured RPU Coating
  • Precision-Weighted Cast Iron Cores
  • Knurled, Grip-Assisting Handles
  • No-Roll, 3-Point “Tri-Design” for Compactness and Stability
  • Easy ID Numbers in Gorgeous Tiffany Blue

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Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or expanding your exercise equipment investment, this 24lb 3-piece set of CHIC RPU-covered tribells with included stand is bound to become a key player in your workouts. As at home in the office or living room as they are in the gym thanks to their modern aesthetic, our CHIC RPU Tribell Set w/Stand comes with 2lb, 4lb, and 6lb pairs of no-roll tribells that are perfect for lightweight, high intensity routines, rehab and prehab, and resistance-enhanced conditioning programs


  • Premium, Ultra-Long Lasting Textured RPU Coating
  • Precision-Weighted Cast Iron Cores
  • Knurled, Grip-Assisting Handles
  • No-Roll, 3-Point “Tri-Design” for Compactness and Stability
  • Easy ID Numbers in Gorgeous Tiffany Blue

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RPU Tribell 24lb Set

43 reviews for Chic RPU Tribell 24lb Set

  1. Amazon Customer

    great walking walking weights!

    dislike: slick grip when hands are sweat.likes: nicely balanced. 4# tough to find. Easy to clean. Put thumb over end of weight while walking stabilizes weight in my hand.

  2. Cole Joelson

    Great weights

    Great product. Does the job. I love the color.

  3. Shannon A

    Love the size and shape.

    Love it!!! Great grip, wish the had a set

  4. Sunny P

    Quality, value, and appeal

    These came in quickly. I love the look of these dumbbells. I also think they have a great design. I highly recommend these!

  5. CJO

    Complete Satisfaction

    I ordered dumbells and I am completely happy with them. Easy to hold, and ascetically pleasing (which makes me want to use them).I also received them days before they were due to arrive.I will be purchasing more from Ziva!

  6. K.W.

    Not for me

    The dumbbells do what they are supposed to but the middle is too long for my hands and the ridges make it uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time.

    One person found this helpful

  7. nikki

    Non slip easy gripping, well made and don’t roll.

    These dumbells are perfect easy grip non slip very well made love the triangle shape so they don’t roll around and the texture on them allows for a great grip even with other workouts if your hands get sweaty they don’t slip at all easy to grip.

    3 people found this helpful

  8. Alex Boss


    GOOD but expensive for a pair of dumbbells

  9. Amazon Customer


    Its great, does the jon

  10. Sylvia Binder

    Would buy again

    They are smelling a little bit weird, but other than that, all good!

  11. Keri

    What a great grip on these weights!

    I really love the grip on these weights. They are very comfortable

    One person found this helpful

  12. Lizzie SF

    Very nice dumbbells!

    Nice grip, good quality. Shipped quickly. I’m getting buff haha 🙂

  13. Annie

    Good quality

    As expected; good quality, i use them regularly.

  14. Shawn Orcutt

    Nice weights but strong odor

    These weights feel good in the hand but have a really strong oil and rubber smell. I have left them outside in the sun for a couple days to try to let them off gas or whatever they need to do. Also for some reason both boxes that they were delivered and smelled very very strongly of cigarette smoke. So much so I had to put those outside as well. The weights themselves are really nice though.

    3 people found this helpful

  15. Cory

    Worth the money

    Does the job if you want a light weight

  16. Sonic Boom

    Excellent product

    They don’t roll nor do they stick to the surface where I keep them, unlike my other weights which are always stuck to the counter surface. They are another type of rubber coating. Easy to hold handle size.

  17. Lisa C.

    Dramatically overpriced

    Decent dumbbells but this pandemic predatory pricing is horrible! Wait til its over if you can (I couldn’t..)

  18. PhillyJMB

    Great dumbbells!

    I love these dumbbells! Excellent grip and they don’t roll!

  19. Amazon Customer

    Quality Product, Fun Color!

    When I was ready to upgrade from my 6 pound weights to 8 – I ordered these based on the shape and great reviews. They have not disappointing. Very easy to grip and perfectly balanced. Regarding some of the “smell” complaints – there was an order when we received them – but gone within a few days. Love the Aqua color for pool-side lifts!

  20. Kindle Customer


    Nice pair of weights. Love them. Use them in my strength training workouts

  21. sl brown

    just what i wanted and ontime delivery

    fits hands, lift weights

  22. N S


    has an odor, contrary to other reviews.

    9 people found this helpful

  23. jacqofhearts

    Better than old style steel weights

    I’m impressed. Perfect weight, perfect grip. Much, much better than the old steel weights. Great weight for working out your arms.

    One person found this helpful

  24. Noname

    Comfortable grip! Love the diamond heads for stability!

    So happy I bought these! Love the grip, I have a “bad” wrist, this type of grip is really comfortable!I’m buying a couple more sets!!!!Very pleased!

  25. Marc G

    Very nice

    This brand is really well made and not to sound stupid but they are attractive, I own the kettle bells and both are very well made, comfortable, look good, feel good. I have owned many weights thru the years and these are top notch

    One person found this helpful

  26. Lwg

    Fast shipping and great product

    I’ve been trying to get weights heavier than 10 lbs since the gyms closed in March and these were finally available! They are great and came almost a week sooner than estimated shipping. I did not notice any smell at all like some other reviewers indicated. I would definitely order other sizes again.

    One person found this helpful

  27. jenny Cooper

    Nice 4LB weights

    Easy to grip, comfortable while using them. Priced reasonable.

  28. Hollybadger

    They’re typical dumbbells

    Good weight, easy to hold. Pricey, but they all are right now. They were very greasy and stinky when they arrived a few weeks ago. Still very tire-stench-y but I’ve got all the goo cleaned off. They do have a comfy grip, and I use them a lot.

    One person found this helpful

  29. Nikki

    Arrived in TWO DAYS 🙂

    So glad I took a chance and ordered these. I was a little apprehensive about the price–but these are new times and dumbbells are so hard to come by (I’ve had 3 canceled orders from other companies over the past few months I’ve been looking!). These dumbbells are super cute and sleek. I’ve actually never seen anything like them. The shape is different and cool. I got the turquoise color. They just got in today and I haven’t time to use them yet, but I will tomorrow, and I’m sure there’ll be great. I had emailed the company right after purchasing it to ask a question, and they answered quickly and professionally. Best part of all of this? I ordered these babies on Monday afternoon….they arrived on Wednesday morning. Amazing!!!

    2 people found this helpful

  30. Jeff M.

    Classy looking

    They came so fast! With the pandemic, it has been so hard to get 6 pound weights! Totally completes my set!

  31. PorscheLover

    Quick Service, Quality Product

    I looked everywhere for 8 lb. weights and, even though these were priced high, I decided to order them. First, I can’t believe how quickly the weights arrived…4 days after I ordered them even though the website said around 10 days. I opted for the turquoise color and love it. The shape of the end of the weight isn’t oval so they don’t roll around. No smell whatsoever. Great product. I would highly recommend the company especially after such quick service.

    One person found this helpful

  32. Veronica garcia

    Buena calidad

    Al principio las vi muy grandes pero debo decir que son muy cómodas y de buena calidad

  33. NYC Spinner


    I ordered a pair of these in the 6-lb black when quarantine hit and they are just perfect. I like this design so much – the grip is great, the shape means they don’t roll all over the floor, and unlike some of my weights where the parts are screwed together the rubber coating makes this seamless so you never worry about something popping off and hitting you in the face when you are doing chest presses. I wish they had more range in black as I wouldn’t really order the turquoise but when they come in I will. Recommended 100%!

  34. CLE60

    One Happy Customer!

    Not only did these arrive today, six days before they were promised (!) – the grip is a perfect width for a female with average hands (and short fingers!). I don’t get the reviews that mention an odor; maybe a very faint smell, something like my son’s plastic action figures………but certainly nothing objectionable that would have me leaving these in the garage or whatever. Can’t wait to start using these! Hopefully I will make enough progress to go up to 20 pounders ( I got the 18s), then I will definitely order from this company again.

    One person found this helpful

  35. Golden Anchor

    Cardio Weights

    This is a well made set packaged nicely. I am very happy with this brand.

    One person found this helpful

  36. Amazon Customer

    Comfortable grip with great design

    Great product! Super pleased with the comfort grip and ease of use. I purchased the 10’s & 16’s and love them. I hope to round out the whole set.

  37. Christy A

    Buy these!

    Perfect and they arrived in less than 3 days.

  38. Robert Goldstein

    Exactly as shown.

    These weights are well made, have good grips. Perfect.

  39. Matthew Patella

    Seem Nice

    These had nice balance and were not a chemical smell.

  40. Margaret Lauren


    I love everything about these weights. I am particularly fond of the Tiffany blue color .

    One person found this helpful

  41. Anna

    Exactly what I wanted

    The grip is the right size–not too thick–for my small hands. The weights are for an intermediary level as I rebuild strength.THESE ARE NOT ODOR-FREE AS DESCRIBED. If you are sensitive to smells, you may want to try another product/manufacturer. I’ve had these about one month; there is still a slight odor. The initial smell/”off-gassing” was initially strong.

  42. Mark D.

    Great workout dumbbell

    Great product. Very well made. I’d like to get a set of them.

  43. Antz96786

    Good product even though it wasn’t what I was looking for.

    Satisfied with product but I was really looking for 4lb chrome hand weights.

    2 people found this helpful

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