RPU Studio Barbell Weight Disc – Pairs

RPU Studio Barbell Weight Disc – Pairs



Our hexagonal slim studio bar compatible RPU-coated weight discs, the blocks with which better bodies are built, feature a no-roll design, ultra-long-lasting steel cores, large lettering for easy identification, and…(more)


  • Compatible with RPU Studio Barbell Set Slim Bar (Non-Olympic)
  • Premium, Ultra-Long Lasting Textured RPU Coating
  • Precision-Weighted Cast Iron Cores
  • Ergonomic Easy Grip Handles
  • Sleek Design with Large, Vibrant, Easy ID Weight Numbers
  • Sold as Pairs

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Our hexagonal slim studio bar compatible RPU-coated weight discs, the blocks with which better bodies are built, feature a no-roll design, ultra-long-lasting steel cores, large lettering for easy identification, and ergonomic handles on either side that allow for a range of unique disc-based elite exercise movements as well as ease of loading, unloading, and transport


  • Compatible with RPU Studio Barbell Set Slim Bar (Non-Olympic)
  • Premium, Ultra-Long Lasting Textured RPU Coating
  • Precision-Weighted Cast Iron Cores
  • Ergonomic Easy Grip Handles
  • Sleek Design with Large, Vibrant, Easy ID Weight Numbers
  • Sold as Pairs

37 reviews for RPU Studio Barbell Weight Disc – Pairs

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good set.

    I like this set, I just wish I could order additional plates. It fits together well and is easy to use.

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  2. lerakogan

    Amazing barbell! Should have bought it back in 2020

    Much better technique of squats and deadlifts than using dumbbells. Great weights. Love the soft coating- safe for house floors. Would love to get extra plates if the bar can handle it.

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  3. Nilsa Rivera

    Not bad for the price

    Nice starter weights wish they would make more weights for the bar.

  4. Mark Hershberger

    Arrived perfectly.

    Arrived on time and exactly as described.

  5. S. Dorosan

    Missing item

    Update: customer service responded quickly and sent the missing clamps. I love this set and have been using it for Les Mills Bodypump at home. I do recommend a set of hand weights to go with it as the plates are not easy to hold onto when using for curls and such.Overall looks like great quality and well made. Haven’t been able to use it yet though, since I was not sent the clamps! Will update once I receive my missing items. I was set to start a workout and was very disappointed.

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  6. MG

    As expected

    I was looking for a second bar for Body Rock plates I have.This bar is not unique to ZIVA- it will fit Body Rock and also Reebok fitness plates.Its diameter is designed only for plates with 1.25” dia hole which are not standard.This is a great deal, not only good price but also comes with good clips and ships free.In the picture: bar with single plate is ZEVA, the other one is original BodyRock. Only difference is the position of grip part.

  7. lisdar

    Great for Pump

    Perfect for Body Pump and other weight training. Was able to order additional weights. Very satisfied. Arrived promptly. No problems with packaging or the weights.

  8. Julianna


    The media could not be loaded.

     !!!! With the plates !! Only!! 6 plates only! !!! 55 inches bar ! Good price !!

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Collars not secure

    This is an attractive, sturdy product that shipped and delivered quickly. My only grievance is that the collars that hold the weights in place are not secure; they slide easily and need to be adjusted multiple times during my workout. For that reason I would not likely buy again.

  10. Little B

    Wish i got this sooner!

    Such a game changer for a home gym! Very easy to change out the plates and I like that there’s extra plates to buy if you want to g up in weight. The bar is short so it’s more manageable than an Olympic size. FYI the only fits the company’s plates, but the max weight limit is pretty high. Love this

  11. Amazon Customer

    Been a game changer

    I’ve been using this set for Les Mills BP and SD and it has been a game changer. I just ordered additional plates which is a bonus.

  12. Kyle Clements

    Great communication with seller when faced with shipping issues.

    Very good!

  13. Sara

    Gets the job done

    I bought these for Les Mills body pump workouts. I didn’t want to spend the money on the Les Mills set, so this is a good alternative. They are a little slow to remove and add to the bar because of the rubber. They do also leave yellow residue as other reviews have mentioned. But they are solid and no filled with sand like other cheaper weight sets. I also got extra weights to make it faster to transition between weights.I just wish there was an even lighter weight than the yellow. It’s hard to fight other lighter weights that fit this bar because of its size.

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  14. amy buchholz

    Body pump perfection

    Work great for body pump. Ordered extra weight. Fast responsive customer service.

  15. Karen

    Cute, but I need to add weight

    Like the bar and colors, but need to add additional weight since this is why I purchased it. Hoping that additional heavier weights are available to purchase soon.

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  16. tmonturano

    Perfect for body pump!!

    Love the rubberized weights! The bar is perfect length for body pump. I do wish it has a little grip on the bar, but it’s pretty awesome considering the cost.I only wish I had the option to buy a few more weights…for when I’m stronger.Great communication with the seller…and friendly too. I had a bunch of questions and he responded super fast…thanks Scott!

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  17. Simon Byrne

    Much better than expected

    I bought this barbell set so that I can do BodyPump classes from home during the Coronavirus lock down. (In case other shoppers are unaware: Les Mills offer their classes virtually via an excellent “OnDemand” service.) After waiting a couple of weeks for a reasonably-priced set to come back in stock, I jumped on this item, and it was delivered by FedEx in just five days.I have to say, I am completely blown away by the quality of this set! Given this is a fraction of the cost of the comparable Les Mills equipment, I was expecting it to feel a bit cheap. But everything is of a very high quality. The weights are rubberized (which make them easier to handle during the BodyPump tracks where you need free weights), the bar feels solid (I don’t think it will bend over time), and the clips are nice and tight and don’t shift around at all. It’s actually better than some of the equipment I’ve used in professional gym facilities. I’m very happy with my purchase!I saw in the Q&A that the supplier is considering making additional weights available for purchase. I do hope that happens. I could probably do with some additional 5KG plates in time.

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  18. Meagan West

    Good Quality Set

    I am using this set for Les Mills body pump. I was really nervous about buying something other than the smartbar, but wow this set is awesome! And I will add I normally do not write reviews. The set seems to be of good quality. I like how the weights have hand grips so you can really grip the weights while doing free weights exercises. The lock clamps make it super easy to change out weight quickly. I’m very impressed with this product and will be recommending it to my friends!

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  19. music2diefor

    Perfect for Bodypump at home

    My wife had been using this nightly for her Bodypump classes at home. She has been very pleased with no complaints. Great quality and great customer service! I’ve shared this with my sister in law as well as she is being certified and loves ours at home. Thank you!

  20. Fitmiss

    Great Bar for Home Body pump and other Barbell Classes

    These are well made and great, especially for the price. What I love is that the weights are not made with sand. I initially had a problem with the weights not properly fitting on the bar. They apparently got a bad batch of bars whose diameter did not match up with the weights. The seller was responsive and terrific in making sure the problem was solved and I was happy with the product. They sent me a new bar after trying it out themselves with the weights. I’m a very happy “camper”. Highly recommended.

  21. Diane Z

    Good quality choice for BodyPump

    This set is a little different than the one I was used to as the bar is a little longer and some of the weights are a smidge heavier but have had no trouble adjusting when using for BodyPump. The quality is quite good, the quick release collars work great and I like the fact that the weights are easy to grip when being used off the bar and since the plates aren’t completely round, the barbell doesn’t roll away when you put it down. Shipping was faster than anticipated, everything arrived in good order and the price was reasonable given the quality. As noted by others, the bar was a little greasy when it arrived, but wiping that off was easy, All good so I highly recommend this set!

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  22. Robert Greene

    Great product

    I bought these to use for bodypump… great quality!

  23. AKC

    Great barbell!

    I bought this to add a little resistance training to my workouts and its perfect! I like that the bar is one piece and the weights are solid. I almost spent $300 on the Booty Band Barbell and I’m glad I didn’t. I also had a question about shipping since we live in a rural area, but they got back to me quickly. The set came in 2 boxes and I got them on the same day.

  24. Brian Varhelyi

    Exactly What I Expected

    Exactly What I Expected

  25. RTS-LUV

    perfect for bodypump

    looking for a reasonably priced alternative to LM or BowFlx barbell set for bodypump? this is an excellent option. plate change is easy. single weighted bar is smooth for clean to press and rubber coated grip plates are comfortable in the hands. so glad i bought this set!

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  26. Brett Bochicchio

    Great cardio barbell set

    I’ve been loving my ziva set for BodyPump. The quality is great. I love the hand grips on the plate. The quality is equal to the set I used at the fitness studio I used to go to. I did want to add more weight, so I bought I second set. After looking at similar cardio plates I figured I wouldn’t save much $$$ by waiting for plates from this set. I was worried about not getting the official les mills set while I was waiting for these to arrive. But, after just one month I am so pleased with this set. I know I made the right choice.

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  27. Amazon Customer

    Great for at home

    This product is awesome. I have been going to the gym and doing body pump for 10 years. I recently moved and there is no gym near me. I missed it so I ordered this set to use at home. I have been very pleased. The weights are light and perfect for me and the workout I am doing.

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  28. plrbase

    serves the purpose


  29. Beach Belle

    Great inexpensive set for body pump at home

    Great quality for the price! Perfect for at home body pump. Bar is larger in diameter than body pump, but did not take away from workout or disappoint. The clips are easy to open and close, but secure the weights perfectly. Weights can be gripped easily for off bar lifting as well. Great job ZIVA!

  30. Frances Smith

    Great barbell set from a great company.

    I purchased this barbell set so I could do Body Pump classes during the corona virus massive shutdown of every health club. I was amazed at the low price and didn’t expect much. When it arrived in a few days I was very pleased with the quality of the bar as well as the weights. The collars were not in the box, so, I contacted the seller and received a reply within a few hours which offered a sincere apology and a promise to expedite the collars. They were at my door in 24 hours. So, great product, great price, great service. You just cannot ask for more!

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  31. Susan

    As good as it gets for low-weight, high-rep barbell sets

    I really wish there were more options for Body Pump barbell weight sets. This product may be the best option currently available, in spite of some downsides. Given that there are few other options, I am planning to keep the set and purchase separate collars, in lieu of returning it.PROS-Bar comes as a single continuous piece, not multiple sections that have to be screwed together.-The bar is a little bigger in diameter than what I was used to at the gym, but it still seems comfortable to hold.-Weights are solid metal and easy-to-grip when using as free weights, off the bar. The weights are not a plastic shell filled with sand or metal pieces.-Not many options for barbell-style Body Pump weights meant for low-weight, high-rep exercises. Nearly all of the weights sold on Amazon and elsewhere are for much heavier weight sets.CONS-The product arrived incomplete, missing the clips/clamps/collars needed to hold weights onto the bar. The bar appears to use the 30mm diameter size, and collars can be purchased separately from Amazon for $14.99 from a different company.-The weights initially outgassed a strong plastic smell. I’m guessing this is due to the glue used to hold the rubber coating onto the metal. After a week in the garage, the smell is a lot better, but it has not entirely gone away.UPDATE–The seller responded to my inquiry 5 days later and will be sending replacement clips. The seller says they will be changing the packaging to try to avoid this issue in the future. At this point, I had already ordered other clips. Based on seller response, I have updated my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars.

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  32. Julie Blech


    Perfect for my home workouts! Great quality for the price point.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Flaky paint

    As a weight set it’s pretty much what I expected. I was not expecting the paint/coating to flake off every time I touch the weights. The center hole in the weights is a little tight and they don’t slide on or off the bar easily. Hopefully with some use (and paint flaking away) they will slide more easily.

  34. Scott B.

    Great price! Great product!

    Made fairly well! Easy to use! Seems durable but only time can tell!

  35. CalLee_69

    Perfect body pump set

    The size, weights, material, and value are all perfect for Body Pump. The weights are great for both on and off the bar! I’m very happy with the investment!

  36. Robert J.

    Great once they’ve been used a few times

    Perfect for the price. Just a little messy for the first few uses. The paint on the weighs comes off when changing plates and after a few uses it’s gets easier to slide on and off. Would like to be able to order single weight plates please.

  37. Christie Latour

    I would recommend this product.

    Equipment quality was as advertised. Very happy with my purchase!!

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