Strength Training Benefits

If you’re like most people, you probably think of strength training as something that is reserved for bodybuilders and athletes. However, the truth is that strength training offers a world of benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone. Research has shown that strength training can improve your overall health. Keep reading to learn more about […]

ZIVA PlyoBox Workouts


The ZIVA PlyoBox is one of the most versatile and simple pieces of workout equipment. This durable, no assembly box has three different heights that can fit any workout for any part of your body. Here are a few workouts that you can do with the ZIVA PlyoBox.  Legs Step Ups on ZIVA PlyoBox Start […]

ZIVA Wall Ball Workouts

ZIVA Wall Ball

The ZIVA Wall Ball is a versatile fitness product that can target any part of your body during a workout. The ZIVA Wall Ball may seem simple, but when used properly it engages your entire body and builds explosive power alongside cardiovascular endurance and quick reflexes. Here are a few exercises to help get you […]