Essentials for an At-Home Gym in Any Space

Whether you’re living in a small space or just looking for ways to get a workout at home, an at-home gym is a great solution. Having the home gym essentials on hand makes it easy to get moving and allows you to customize your routine to fit your needs. Here are some of our favorite […]

How to Get Fitness Motivation That Lasts

fitness motivation

Are you struggling to find the motivation to work out? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to stick with a fitness routine. However, with some planning and creative thinking, you can find the “motZIVAtion” you need to reach your fitness goals. Here are a few tips that can help! What’s the […]

ZIVA Philosophy – Who is ZIVA?


Who is ZIVA? ZIVA ® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength. This essential drive underpins our efforts to improve the physical and mental health of people […]